5 Reasons You Should Stop Using Pirated WordPress Themes

Reasons You Should Stop-Using Pirated WordPress Themes

Using Pirated WordPress Themes? Not a good idea! Most pirated copies of premium WordPress themes contain malware. The problems caused by malicious code will cost you much more than the money you would pay for a theme. Pirates usually add a hidden function in the theme’s code. This function can usually be executed remotely and can cause harm to your site.

Think about it this way: Where did pirates get these premium themes? They probably paid theme club to get them. Now, why should they share them for free? Of course for their own benefit by putting some nasty code in them.

Reasons why using Pirated WordPress Themes is a bad idea:

You never know what you are downloading

You don’t know what’s in the zip file you download to your computer. It could be a virus, Trojan horse, malware, spyware and other unpleasant surprises hidden in the file or the theme itself.

Additional code being added to the theme

Pirates could easily hide links to their own site or for example automatically use their AdSense code instead of yours. Also, there could be hidden function and one day you find out that your site is hacked. As a result of that you are losing money instead of making it.

No theme updates

You have no chance to get updates. This will left your site more vulnerable to threats. When you buy a premium theme from trusted author you will probably get free updates for it.

No theme support

You can’t use online support when you need help or have questions.

Top quality premium theme costs only 35$

For example you can get this popular SEO Friendly WordPress Blogging Theme only for 35$. Also, you can pay $67 and you will get extra 67+ premium WP themes for free. That’s amazing – why even mess with pirated WordPress themes.

Don’t have enough money to buy themes?

WordPress has a lot of free themes from trusted authors. You can find some free theme collections from our site. But if your plans are big and you want to do well in Google ranking you should use premium themes.


Just buy a theme from trusted theme author, they are cheap as hell and it’s worth it to have constant updates and support. While you may think that you’re just saving money, you’re actually losing it and just hurting your business or personal site. So next time when you click that download button on pirate site, think to yourself, “Is it really worth the risk?”

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