9 Best Mobile App WordPress Themes 2017

Best Mobile App WordPress Themes

Android and iOS apps were downloaded over 100 billion times in the last year alone and it will grow in the coming years. Mobile is already BIG and if you haven’t jumped into this ship, you are missing out on big money.

There is big money in the mobile app business. If you already have an app or plan on launching one soon – you already know this. If you want to make your app more presentable using a website, we have some WordPress themes for you to look at.

Scroll down and take a look at each of the themes and find out which among the selection matches your taste.

Important Note: Do not search on Google for pirated versions of these themes. The problems caused by malicious code inside them will cost you much more than the money you would pay for a theme. And you won’t get theme updates, Google don’t index your website etc. Those who think you’re just saving money take a good look at this article.

Best Mobile App Showcase WordPress Themes

MobileApp $45

MyThemeShop MobileApp Theme

MobileApp theme looks gorgeous and it will go perfectly with the mobile app you are offering or plan on offering. This theme has a nice feature for animation inside mobile’s screen. This is one of the simplest and best mobile app WordPress themes you can find.


CleanApp $45

CleanApp - App WordPress Theme

CleanApp is the perfect theme to showcase your iPhone, Android, mobile, or other application. Show off your app features, screenshots and testimonials.


AppTheme $45

AppTheme - App WordPress Theme

AppTheme is a corporate portfolio theme that is built to help you and your company showcase your work. It has ability to showcase a single app, a portfolio of projects, services and testimonials.


Applay $58

Applay WordPress Theme

Applay comes with drag & drop builder, exclusive interactive mobile mockup plugin, unlimited colors etc.


Corporate App $45

MyThemeShop Corporate App

This Corporate App theme is perfect for companies, studios and agencies. It has a very elegant and professional design that is intuitive for users.


Ray $48

Ray WordPress Theme

It’s elegant objects and background animation makes this theme great for your great app. It also has a dark version.


Aire $43

Aire WordPress Theme

Designed to showcase your mobile app, web application etc. It is fully responsive and looks stunning on all types of screens and devices.


Rocket App $43

Rocket App WordPress Theme

This high quality app landing WordPress theme will wow your customers, it has a timeless design with neutral colour scheme that will fit any kind of app.


Tapptastic $48

Tapptastic WordPress Theme

Great for smartphone developers that need to promote their iPad, iPhone or Android mobile apps.


Best Mobile App Showcase WordPress Themes

9 Best Mobile App WordPress Themes 2017
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